Third Edition

Software Architecture Conference

Learn the latest trends in software architecture from the experts and build your network.

August 15-16, 2024

Join the live conversation with speakers and other attendees of conference.

About The Event

Learn The Newest Strategy Of The Software Architecture

Discover the latest strategies shaping software architecture. Join us as we explore innovative approaches for designing robust and resilient architectures in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Revolutionize your software development journey with the newest trends and techniques.

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Speakers 2024

Andres Sacco

Technical Leader - TravelX

Mohamed Ayoub Alouane

CTO Academy at Adservio

Chad Stewart

Founder of TechIsHiring

Nick Ruffilo

Technology Manager at Ingram Content Group

Rashmi Venugopal

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Lukas Vileikis

Author, Security Evangelist & Database Expert

Mahesh Chand

Founder CSharpCorner

Rishit Bhatia

Senior Product Manager, .NET/C# Driver

Siri Varma Vegiraju

Software Engineer, Microsoft

Aroh Shukla
Aroh Shukla

Regional Microsoft Cloud Architecture Lead (Manufacturing Industry)

Naga Santhosh Reddy Vootukuri

Software Engineering Manager - Microsoft

Rijwan Aansari

Microsoft & C# Corner MVP | Full Stack .Net Expert

Yevgen Nebesov

Independent Systems Architecture Consultant

Marek Piasecki

CEO & CTO of Madmaniak OÜ

Alvin Ashcraft

Sr. Content Developer, Microsoft

Bill Wolff

Software Architect and Microsoft MVP

Koushik Sundar

Vice President - Citi

Soham Dasgupta

Cloud Solution Architect

Sandip Devarkonda

Field CTO

Madhu Patel

AI Engineer at MCN Solutions

Abhay Dutt Paroha

Software Team Leader

Edward Pollack

Data Architect

Alexander von Zitzewitz

Founder and CEO of hello2morrow, Inc.

Joseph Guadagno

VP of IT at RT² & Microsoft MVP

Jose Luis Latorre Millas

Microsoft MVP & Software Architect

Tural Suleymani

Chief Software Engineering Consultant & C# Corner MVP

Nikolay Sivko

Founder & CEO @ Coroot

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Schedule 2023

08:30 am - 08:40 am
Welcome Note
Mahesh Chand
Mahesh Chand
08:40 am - 09:05 am
Keynote Session
Magnus Mårtensson
09:10 am - 09:45 am
How to get ahead of the curve and future-proof your business with Power Platform and Azure OpenAI
Aroh Shukla
Aroh Shukla
09:50 am - 10:25 am
Event driven architecture to process the M365 resource activities
Nanddeep Nachan
Nanddeep Nachan
Smita Nachan
Smita Nachan
10:30 am - 11:05 am
Power BI: Building Fort Knox for Your Data and Making Privacy Regulations Less Boring!
Amira Bedhiafi
Amira Bedhiafi
11:10 am - 11:45 am
When to Choose Serverless Versus Fixed Size Resources
Monica Rathbun
Monica Rathbun
11:50 am - 12:25 pm
Allen O'Neill
12:30 pm - 01:05 pm
John Iwasz
John Iwasz
01:10 pm - 01:45 pm
Peter De Tender
Peter De Tender
01:50 pm - 02:25 pm
Varun Rao
Varun Rao
03:50 pm - 04:25 pm
vikranth etikyala
Vikranth Etikyala
04:30 pm - 04:40 pm
Stephen SIMON
Stephen SIMON
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